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Buy and Invest with us. Below is a list of properties exclusively listed to us for public sale.


Mini Estate in Rayfield

Seated on 2.25 plots of land, this modern, gorgeous and serene estate is located in Rayfield. It has 2nr 2 bedroom apartments and 2nr 1 bedroom apartments. It has all the amenities you'd need and can serve as a very potent investment property especially if you want to earn some income.

Waterfront Land in Gura Topp

Located in a fast-developing area and 9 minutes away from the government house, this waterfront property is an ideal investment property for a number of reasons. The neighbourhood is developing and there are a few renowned security officials in the area.


Uncompleted house in Rayfield

The location of this property its is selling point as this is located opposite a waterfront property. If constructed with high head space, this property will feature a stunning water view from its second floor. Sited on 2.5 plots and intended to be a 5 bedroom apartment, this property is a steal off the market.

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